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Physical Therapy Services

Our physical therapy services are designed to get you back out and doing all of the things you love to do in beautiful Vero Beach. Plans are catered specifically for you. No more waiting weeks and months for session.

Going for a Run


In-home functional fitness with expert guidance, to help you reach your goals while making sure the exercises are done with correct form and approach. We believe in functional exercises that relate to how each patient moves and functions in everyday life. 

Upper Back Massage

Manual Therapy

Specialized hands on treatment of joint mobilization or soft tissue mobilization. Manual therapy can provide pain relief, improve mobility and restore alignment



Educating patients has been shown to improve compliance with HEP and overall outcomes. Our individualized treatment plan allows for more education.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Tape is an elastic adhesive used to support and relieve pain in muscles, joints, and/or ligaments. It reduces swelling, increases mobility, and enhances recovery. It can be used to prevent or treat many common muscle and joint related injuries including: sprains, muscle strains, subluxations, and tendonitis. Kinesio tape provides support and pain relief before, during, and/or after an activity. It you're an athlete looking for that edge, a runner who needs knee support, or someone who just wants to walk without pain, call us today.

Back Pain Treatment

Pain Management

A physical therapist can identify and treat the cause of pain. Seeking treatment at the first sign of pain can lead to a much faster relief and quicker return to the love you love. we provide a high quality examination to diagnose the causes of pain, and tailor treatments to reduce the pain.

Online Zumba Lesson

Remote/Virtual Programming

Are you outside of Vero Beach and looking to work with Modern Strength and Balance PT? Are you an individual who is looking to perform correctional exercises or get out of pain on your own schedule or from your home gym? We offer 1-on-1, personalized remote services that allows you the flexibility that you need. Simply put you have a PT in your back pocket. Every exercise program is tailored to your recovery needs and the equipment accessible to you.

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