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Vero Beach
Concierge Physical Therapy

Stay Strong & Live Long

"We do not stop exercising because we grow old, we grow old because we stop exercising." - Dr. Kenneth Cooper

Modern Strength & Balance

Superior quality physical therapy at a location of your choosing without any restrictions or limitations the insurance companies provide. The patient is in control. 


Compassionate, individualized treatment that focuses on you - the patient.  We strive to always put quality over quantity. You will receive undivided attention from a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the entirety of your visit. We will complete a thorough assessment/evaluation to determine pain, weakness, or any deficits in your physical health and build a treatment plan customized for you and built upon your personalized goals to meet your functional needs.  All of this works to provide a faster recovery and better result. 

How It Works

At Modern Strength and Balance, we are here to help you achieve healthy, successful aging leading to a happier, healthier life through individualized education, movement, and hands on therapy. 

Personal/Individualized Care

Patients receive undivided attention from a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Allowing for personalized, expert guidance to restore your health.

Consistent Care and Follow Up

We are here to build a relationship, restore your lifestyle, and maintain long term results helping you age without feeling old.


Be proactive, take a preventative approach to maintain your health and happiness.  Our goal is to keep you healthy year round and to maintain the benefits of your previous Therapy Services. Movement is Medicine.

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